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Manufacturing - Ashvini Magnets India's largest manufacturer of Injection Molded Bonded Magnets

World-class production, in every way!


Injection Bonded Ferrite Magnets are a combination of high magnetic strength and strong physical properties. The magnets can be easily manufactured on a large scale with close dimensional tolerances and need no finishing operations, thus saving costs. Ashvini Magnets offers a range of injection bonded ferrite magnets that are recognised for high durability and utility.

A fully automated manufacturing set-up for all types of injection moulded magnets guarantees quality and reliability like none other.

The captive compounding facility is a huge plus, when it comes to controlling the quality of the raw materials. The entire plant is designed for minimal manual intervention, thereby eliminating any possibility of errors. The automated machines and material handling are designed with stringent quality interlocks at every stage of the process. The result is evident in the manufacturing facility functioning with a six sigma quality record, industry’s best certifications and a highly satisfied list of clients.


Manufacturing of magnets requires a precision process controls. Our Contract Manufacturing services help companies to manufacture precision magnets with accurate properties as per the design. Ashvini Magnets offers end-to-end support or leverages the product design, tooling and process specifications supplied by the client to drive the desired production volumes from the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

Agile manufacturing in action. Our outsourced production services allow flexible production volumes as per your schedule to support your in-house production. Ashvini Magnets has worked with some of the best magnet manufacturers in the world to serve as an extended arm of their production department in India. Such partnerships have resulted in creating benefits that were previously unavailable to the clients and include a significantly competitive price, rapid scale-up or scale-down of the production volume while ensuring the best quality and on-time delivery.

Trust Ashvini Magnet’s capabilities in driving your production on end-to-end basis. Starting from product to achieving full-scale commercial volumes in production, our team will partner with you at every stage to ensure desired quality, properties and performance in the end application. For years together, Ashvini Magnets has worked with some of the largest automotive, electronics, machine and equipment manufacturers in the world as their sole partner to supply the injection bonded magnets at a competitive price.


Getting started is easy! Send us a drawing or get in touch with a solutions expert at Ashvini Magnets to discuss your requirements.