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Tooling - Ashvini Magnets India's largest manufacturer of Injection Molded Bonded Magnets

A Swiss Tool Room


Injection Bonded Ferrite Magnets are a combination of high magnetic strength and strong physical properties. The magnets can be easily manufactured on a large scale with close dimensional tolerances and need no finishing operations, thus saving costs. Ashvini Magnets offers a range of injection bonded ferrite magnets that are recognised for high durability and utility.

Industry’s most experienced design team, a swiss tool room and proven performance with development and maintenance of 50+ new Moulds every year.

Tooling is critical to the quality of injection bonded magnets of all types. Ashvini Magnets has the expertise and complete range of services under one roof to design and manufacture moulds for new and critical as well as well proven injection moulded mangnet applications. The toolroom consists of advanced swiss make machines to produce single or multiple-cavity moulds, making it possible to produce a large number of the same product during each cycle.


Thanks to a deep understanding of magnetic materials and their use in a variety of applications, Ashvini Magnets has the know-how for designing the perfect tooling for bonded magnets. Our experts are adept at designing, from simple moulds to highly complex ones that use exotic materials and hot runners. The moulds are designed using the latest software tools and tested with advanced FEA techniques to ensure the highest reliability and performance.

Ashvini Magnets has one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world for magnetic tool moulds. Customers including some of the largest magnet manufacturers in the world rely on us to ensure precision manufacturing of some of the most complex moulds. All the Machines in the tool room are imported and include end-to-end capabilities starting from EDM Drill to precision metal cutting.

Tooling Moulds in magnets are costly and require high levels of precision. But with repeated use the moulds can wear which in turn affects the precision of the magnets. Ashvini Magnets has proven capabilities to refurbish or repair such moulds and maintain the precision and accuracy even in large-scale production of magnets. Our team routinely handles over 30 tool mould refurbishing and maintenance assignments every year.


Getting started is easy! Send us a drawing or get in touch with a solutions expert at Ashvini Magnets to discuss your requirements.