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Concepts - Ashvini Magnets India's largest manufacturer of Injection Molded Bonded Magnets

The power of imagination!


Injection Bonded Ferrite Magnets are a combination of high magnetic strength and strong physical properties. The magnets can be easily manufactured on a large scale with close dimensional tolerances and need no finishing operations, thus saving costs. Ashvini Magnets offers a range of injection bonded ferrite magnets that are recognised for high durability and utility.

Clients have immense confidence in concepts offered by Ashvini Magnets, even if it means modifying their product designs, at times.

Imagining the right concept for engineering the magnets is core to the value and performance of the of the application itself. Ashvini Magnets has partnered with Clients, from around the world, to imagine and co-create innovative concepts for simple as well as complex applications.


Ashvini Magnets has a highly evolved methodology when it comes to capturing your requirements and expectations. An in-depth understanding of a wide variety of applications of course helps to quickly suggest and improve the concepts of the magnets in your product or application.

From selecting the right magnetic material to engineering a product that fits your cost and performance metrics, Ashvini Magnets ensures the concepts are aligned to your expectations.

Finding the right balance between the costs and performance of magnets is a result thinking, analysis, expertise and experience. At Ashvini Magnets we have a plenty of experience in all. Working closely with the Clients product development teams, Ashvini Magnets invests time in building an understanding of various aspects of the application and business goals.

With its knowledge and research capabilities, the team at Ashvini Magnets provides feasibility in terms of alternatives of materials, production costs, performance scenarios and more, to develop the right solution for your product.

Clients are surprised as well as benefit, time and again, from the speed of prototyping from Ashvini Magnets. Often, the team at Ashvini Magnets has transformed the concept into the first prototype in just a few weeks, as compared to the industry norm of a minimum of a couple of months.

An unparalleled expertise, along with every facility for prototyping under one roof has helped Ashvini Magnets to set a new benchmark in prototype development and delivery. Clients stand to benefit in several ways, starting from accelerated product development to shortened prototype to production cycles.

With some of the world’s most advanced equipment and software coupled with a deep expertise to run, interpret and implement the results of simulations, means at Ashvini Magnets delivers results at a near-zero business risk for you.

The advanced simulations help to spot gaps, if any, in terms of intensity and precision of desired magnetic fields, risks of mechanical failures and other issues, well before the full production runs.


Getting started is easy! Send us a drawing or get in touch with a solutions expert at Ashvini Magnets to discuss your requirements.