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Applications - Ashvini Magnets India's largest manufacturer of Injection Molded Bonded Magnets

Magnets for 100+ Applications


Injection Bonded Ferrite Magnets are a combination of high magnetic strength and strong physical properties. The magnets can be easily manufactured on a large scale with close dimensional tolerances and need no finishing operations, thus saving costs. Ashvini Magnets offers a range of injection bonded ferrite magnets that are recognised for high durability and utility.

For over 30 years, Ashvini Magnets is leading the way in developing innovative bonded magnets for a wide range of applications.

Starting from the tiny sensor magnets to the ones used in motors, products developed by Ashvini Magnets have been proven and recommended by industry’s best companies. The fact that Ashvini Magnets has been and continues to be the sole supplier of specialist magnets and magnetic assemblies to several clients is a testimony to our versatile experience. A diverse range of industries such as automotive and electric vehicles, advanced electronics, electrical, renewable energy, consumer goods etc. rely on Ashvini Magnets’ products.


Getting started is easy! Send us a drawing or get in touch with a solutions expert at Ashvini Magnets to discuss your requirements.