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Home - Ashvini Magnets India's largest manufacturer of Injection Molded Bonded Magnets

Unlimited Possibilities…

Magnets molded directly on components…
intricate 3D Shapes…tight tolerances…
consistent magnetic characteristics…
we make it possible for you!

The first in India to manufacture Bonded Magnets and Magnetic Assemblies.
India’s market leader, since the last 30 years, in injection moulded magnets, over moulded magnets and insert moulded magnets.
Meet Ashvini Magnets!

Total solution in magnets, from concept validation, tooling design and engineering to production

A single source of supply for magnets to world’s largest companies; Trusted partner for tooling design to Japanese and European magnet manufacturers.

News, Events and the latest buzz!

Tune into the latest happenings at Ashvini Magnets. Meet us at an upcoming event, read the news and get to know us better through one of our success story!


Growing to be young. Welcome our new identity.


Injection bonded magnets for automotives!



BLDC motors
PMDC Motors
Stepper Motors
Synchronous Motors
Dash Board Gauges
Instrument Panel
Speed Sensors
Position Sensors
Flow Meters
Torque Motors
Magnetic Couplings
HVAC motors
Roll Over Sensors
Water Pumps
BLDC motor feedback sensors
Water Meters
EGR Sensor
Throttle position sensor
Turbo Actuator Sensor
Pneumatic Cylinder Sensor
Timer Magnets
Level Gauges
Fuel Filters
Rotors for Copiers


An unmatched range of magnets with a weight of 0.2 gm to 100 gm, a magnetic flux of 0.4 MGOe to 16 MGOe with 2 to 72 poles


Proven and certified by leading OEMs and magnet manufacturers, products from Ashvini Magnets are recognised for the highest quality.


Getting started is easy! Send us a drawing or get in touch with a solutions expert at Ashvini Magnets to discuss your requirements.